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Ben " Dashing " Dorries ~ Hold'em / Omaha Rotation Special - Champion !


Event # 25  –  Hold’em / Omaha Rotation Special  –  3rd August 2011 


Ben ” Dashing ” Dorries  has saluted at the podium for the first time on

the BIG M Poker Tour at just his second appearance.  He had never played Omaha

before this event but decided to take up the challenge after a quick online study of

the game & the rest is history.  In the longest ” Heads Up “ battle in BIG M Poker

history, Ben Dorries & Chris Gallagher slogged through a 90 minute session until

we had our Event # 25 Champion ! ( 2am Thursday )

Both players were amongst the short – stacked at the meal break & were able to

climb off the canvas & finish top 2 !  Through the generosity of Tour President &

Director – Maurice ” Big M ” Lorena players were given the option to reload –

$50 / 5000 chips after the break.  This was a decision that was voted upon &

injected further funds into the final pool.  More importantly, it guaranteed

players to kick on a little further & enjoy the evening.  Our tour needs to focus

on the ” Social “ aspect at all times & looking after our loyal players ! 

Back to the Poker…..Toby ” Starman ” Coutts ran out of bullets & had to accept

another no dividend placing when finishing 4th.  Soon after, it was crunch time

for Timbo ” The Statue ” Wilshire who couldn’t get passed Gallagher & settled

for 3rd placing.  The ” Heads Up “ epic began & both players couldn’t get an edge

& the chips were just circulating with no result.  At one stage, Gallagher was

left with only 10K & was ALL IN….but again managed to survive & won the

next four pots & again was back in a threatening position.

Finally, it was A 4  – Ben Dorries versus A 5Chris Gallagher & Ben had

his opponent covered.  In the window – 4 Clubs & that was enough to give

Ben ” Dashing ” Dorries his maiden victory.  

Ben, will now enter the Tournament of Champions on Sunday 14th August.

Also,  please note that event officials are still searching for Phil ” The Phoenix ” Green

who finished a tailed off & distant 13th…….Last !

Our special thanks to Robbie Mac – Venue Manager who as always provided

great food & service & stayed back for the extra late finish.


Well Done Gents !

Ben " Dashing " Dorries - Event # 25 - Champion !


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