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Maurice ” The Big M ” Lorena ~ El Cheapo Freezeout Champion !


Event # 24  –  El Cheapo Freezeout  –  27th July 2011 


Maurice ” The Big M ” Lorena  has now posted two victories in 2011 & edges

even closer to the top of the Player of the Year leaderboard.  After holding a

healthy stack early, he made his way to the final table of nine.  He soon found

himself short – stacked as the cards dried up & the blinds started to

dictate terms.  Unable to win a pot in 45 minutes, he soon found ‘ Pocket Jacks ‘

on the button & doubled up quickly.  He then won 3 pots in a row & the

confidence was back & the chip stack was flourishing.  Ben Dorries, a new player

on tour was crippled in the first 20 minutes of the tournament by a massive

three way action hand but ran the race of his life in finishing 4th.

Unfortunately, his ‘ Pocket Kings ‘ came up against Big M’s ‘ Pocket Aces ‘

& his gallant run came to an end with NO 4th dividend.

Tommy ” The Gun ” Vo who had dominated the final table all along fell

victim to the old ‘ misreading his hand ‘ trick  & soon enough found himself handing

over all his chips to the hungry Cameron De VereIt just goes to show that

you can’t afford to make any errors when playing against the elite competitors

we have on this poker tour.  Soon after, Big M finished off  ‘ The Gun ‘ & it was

3rd place….out the door & goodnight for Tommy Vo !

Cameron De Vere, who was returning to the tour after a brief spell, had played

solid poker all night & deserved to reach the heads up stage.  The players had 

a quick refreshment & the lights were dimmed….the heads up battle began.

Big M had a chip advantage but it took awhile to shake off Cameron who just

wouldn’t lie down.  Finally, A 9 held up & it was pay day for the Big M in the

El Cheapo Freezeout.  A win though for Cameron De Vere looks imminent in 

near future….it’s only a matter of time.  Our thanks to Dean ” Iguana ” Jones

& Bruce ” I Love Poker ” Wyborn who both stayed back to deal at the final table. 

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