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Poker Players, please let me know your thoughts on the new website by leaving a comment below.  Hope to see you across the felt very soon !

The Big M

13 Responses to Twenty Ten * All In * Poker Tour – New Website

  • wazza says:

    Hey Big M, Just having a little look around again………It’s really looking good mate !

  • Ced Marsh says:

    Hi Big M.

    Your site’s looking heaps good. Thanks for the link exchange as well.

    I count 40 players plus on your Tour. How good’s that !

    Here’s wishing you every success.

    The T-Bone.
    T – Bone Prints

  • Tanty says:

    Big M… Fantastic Job ! Website looks awesome, more than I can say for your poker skills ! Just kidding. Well done, great site. I look forward to seeing all the News and Twenty Ten Gossip !

  • Antonio Furfaro says:

    Nice Work Maurice, I look forward to your next Tournament Game.

  • Beejay says:

    Hey Maurice, Thanks for the plugs for the social club and Lotta Poker, I really like your site, plenty to look at and easy to navigate.
    Great work mate

  • Wazza says:

    G’day Big M, Fantastic work mate. The 2010 Poker Tour is going from strength to strength. You put in a lot of hard work and the great website reflects the time, effort and passion you have for the game and our players. I know everyone who plays the tour enjoys the game. Great stuff mate.
    Much Appreciated!!! P.S. It’s about time I win a bloody game…I’m overdue ! 🙂

  • Hi Maurice
    Congratulations & well done with the site! It looks great !
    It’s a pleasure being involved with someone so dedicated to the sport. Here’s hoping you continue to power on and continue to grow into one of Australia’s best poker leagues 🙂
    All the best.
    (Proud sponsor of Twenty Ten *All In* Poker Tour)

  • KefaVegas says:

    Hi Maurice !!!! ( Trimbo )

    Why am I not surprised !
    Great Job Big Fella !
    Soon, there will be a TV SHOW ! Stay Tuned !
    Wooooooo !!!!!
    (Proud Player of the TWENTY TEN * ALL IN * POKER TOUR)
    Tracy !…..3 Wins Hey ?….KefaVegas will end up with at least 4 !

  • Starman says:

    BIG M,
    Great job on the website mate ! I know how much time and effort you put into it and it shows.

  • Beejay says:

    Maurice, I just wanted to say that I have been keen to come and play one of your games but the games keep clashing. Hopefully we will get a game soon that doesnt clash….Cheers, Beejay.

  • Duncan McKinnon says:

    I played in my first Big M Poker Tournament on Sunday at Virginia and I could not help from being very impressed with how organised the event was run.

    A very friendly bunch of players also helped make the night enjoyable.

    I am looking forward to playing in as many events as possible in 2011.

    Well Done Big M !

  • Steven " Ippy Boy " Kalantzis says:

    Thanks to The BIG M & the boys for a very well run game last Sunday. The best game I’ve ever played in the last 6 years of Poker ! See you all next year in 2011.

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